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Before I presented my case to Attorney Eric Price I consulted other attorneys but Attorney Eric Price was the only one able to help me, I will recommend Attorney Eric Price because he is honest and provides good results. Thank you Attorney Eric Price for giving me back my green card, you did a great job.

Thank you to the attorney Eric Price who did all the procedure, he is a reliable and trusted person. I am very grateful!

We processed the residency through my daughter’s petition. Having the residency it’s the best feeling. We can go back to our country without any fear. When we met Eric Price we felt he was right person. He is honest and never leaves you alone. I recommend attorney Eric Price. 

Right after the paperwork was entered in 6 months I obtained my work permit, after a year I got my residency. It was not hard. Thank you so much attorney J. Eric Price without you it would not be possible.

Maria de los Angeles Lopez - Residency

I came do the residency paperwork. I would recommend attorney J. Eric Price services because he give us confidence.

Agustin Morales - Residency

I came here to the J. Eric Price offices to process my residency. I am very happy and excited I owed it all to you. God blessed you and keep up with great work.

Eric was very honest with me and direct. He explained everything to me. You have to go to an honest attorney. He is very nice and respectful. He is really on top of everything.

My process lasted round 7 months. Having my green card means to have my family safe here. I recommend him, he gave me stability. Thank you attorney J. Eric Price!

I came to see the lawyer because I was told not to leave the country, in less than a year I obtained my residency. By my husband petition. I recommend the attorney J. Eric Price services.

Having my green card is like waking. Everything has its time and this is mine. I came to process my residency through my husband petition and came here with the attorney J. Eric Price. I was recommended to attorney J. Eric Price but now I also recommend him.

By having my residence I am able to help my family. The attorney J. Eric Price service and his team is excellent. I recommend it to everyone.

My process lasted 3-4 months and I am very happy. Having the green card on my hands is a blessing because I found a good job. Thank you attorney J. Eric Price!

I approached to J. Eric Price and his team to process my paperwork at the request of my daughter and I obtained my green card. Having the green card on your hands is a blessing because I can go back to my country. I recommend the attorney J. Eric Price because they have work hard on my case.

There are many benefits of having the permanent residence for my daughter since she needs special things. It is very hard to find the right person; I was fortunate and lucky to come to attorney J. Eric Price. I recommend 100% to attorney J. Eric Price.

Having an attorney means that you can be more protected when you are with somebody professional. I will recommend the attorney J. Eric Price he is an honest person.

I came to the attorney J. Eric Price office to solve my immigration status. I applied through my son who is older than 21 years. Thanks to him I have my residency! We are certain we would obtain good results with the attorney J. Eric Price and his office.

My case last around three months. I saw almost all of the Orange County attorneys plus half of the attorneys here in Los Angeles; the truth is they all said the same that they could not help me. I was very sad, but I finally found J. Eric Price. I am very happy with them!

The procedure last around 3 months and some days. I was accepted by immigration. Thanks to the attorney J. Eric Price and all his team and assistants.

I made the adjustment through my daughter who turned 21 years old and she is an US citizen. We filled out the petition 1-130, in three months I obtained my residency. I am very happy!

Thank Attorney J. Eric Price for helping a la raza!

On behalf of my family I am deeply grateful for all the help you have given us

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