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Former ICE prosecutor, J. Eric Price, is an LA immigration lawyer who used to work for President Bush and President Obama. During his time with ICE, he learned the immigration laws from the inside, while forging relationships with government officials, which now helps him to quickly solve problems for his clients. Eric learned how important it is to build a talented team of attorneys in order to service client needs. With that in mind, his team of attorneys now includes accomplished Spanish-speaking attorneys from around the Western Hemisphere and includes experts in immigration law. Eric is known nationally as a top rated immigration lawyer and as one of the best immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

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Whether you call the offices, or schedule your own appointment through the website or on Facebook, you will get to see a top-rated immigration attorney (not a paralegal or receptionist like in other attorney’s offices). You will have the opportunity to ask any questions without feeling rushed. Best of all, the consultations are free of charge.

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At the end of your free consultation, the attorney will discuss with you a detailed plan of action specific to your situation. In most cases, there are steps our office can do to meet your goals and improve your immigration status in the United States.

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If they are able to meet your goals, and you feel that they are the best immigration lawyers to assist you, they will offer you their services and discuss the cost of their legal representation. You are under no obligation to hire the firm after the consultation, but if you elect to do so, they will come up with a reasonable payment plan to meet your needs.

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Once you hire our firm, we immediately go to work for you. You will leave our office knowing that you are being protected by an experienced firm of immigration attorneys. You are welcome to contact us day or night with any questions you might have along the way.


Becoming a permanent resident requires either an adjustment of status lawyer or a consular processing attorney who can properly evaluate your specific case. The firm specializes in obtaining permanent residency through family-based petitions inside and out of the United States. The most common form of obtaining residency is through petitions filed by a spouse, child, parent or sibling. Many people qualify for residency without leaving the United States, however, it is important that a qualified immigration attorney review your specific case.

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Becoming a United States citizen is the ultimate goal of anyone wishing to fully immigrate to the United States. The team of attorneys prepares each client thoroughly throughout the process and prior to interviewing with an officer. A citizenship lawyer is crucial to a successful naturalization application.

For more details on our Citizenship services, please go here.

Consular Processing

If your spouse, parent, 21-year old child, or sibling is a United States citizen (or permanent resident spouse or parent), they can petition for you to become a permanent resident. If you do not qualify to complete the process in the United States, you may be able to qualify by returning to your home country.

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Immigration Court

J. Eric Price has represented well over 1000 cases before the Executive Office of Immigration Review - also known as the immigration court. Eric represented the United States government as an ICE prosecutor and won many cases against expert immigration attorneys. When he resigned as an ICE prosecutor, he began representing immigrants, who wished to obtain lawful status in the United States. In the private sector, Eric has won hundreds of cases as an immigration court attorney. He also represents detained clients and has prevented many deportations. Due to his vast experience and knowledge as a former ICE prosecutor, he has used his trainings and skills to properly represent clients before immigration judges. Eric is also admitted into the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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The U-Visa is a form of temporary status for people who were victims of a crime in the United Status. The United States requires that the victim cooperate with law enforcement to properly investigate and prosecute the criminals who committed the crime. Eric and his team of U-visa lawyers work closely with their clients and the law enforcement agencies to get the U-Visa certifications approved. After the certifications are approved, the team sends the U-Visa application to the United States government. If granted, the client will obtain a temporary work permit and eventually obtain lawful permanent status.
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J. Eric Price has a unique set of qualifications amongst LA immigration attorneys. In addition to spending over a decade focusing his practice exclusively on the immigration laws in the United States, he received his training from the federal government. His training and experience working for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the Department of Homeland Security for President Bush and President Obama gives him the unique perspective other immigration attorneys cannot match. His government experience includes working closely with ICE headquarters in Washington, DC, field offices throughout the United States, law enforcement in Southern California, prison officials, other prosecuting attorneys, and Immigration Judges.

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