Permanent Residency


What Does Permanent Residency Mean?

Permanent residency is a lawful status in the United States that allows you to live, work, and travel freely, as long as you agree to make the US your permanent home. Permanent residents may also apply for US citizenship after 3-5 years. However, permanent residents must not be outside of the United States for more than 6 months at a time or the government will assume you have abandoned your status.

How Do I Get a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)?

In order to get your green card, the US government must approve your application for adjustment of status, consular processing, asylum, u-visa, 42b, or some other form of immigration relief. The most common way is applying through a family member with either adjustment of status or consular processing.

What are the Permanent Residency Requirements?

The permanent resident application process, when successful, earns you the sought-after Green Card. However, certain individuals may not be eligible for permanent residency or may require additional waivers or pardons to obtain their Green Card. Individuals who may need additional waivers to pursue their residency include those with certain criminal convictions, alien smuggling, false claims to US citizenship, and unlawful presence in the US.

Why Hire an Attorney for Permanent Residency?

An attorney will be able to review your eligibility to consular process and any waivers or pardons that may be required to complete the process. Additionally, an attorney can prepare you for the consular processing interview questions. Attempting the consular process without an attorney can cause you to be stuck in your home country for ten years or more.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego, consider the experience of the lawyer or firm you are hiring. J. Eric Price and his team of attorneys have successfully filed permanent residency applications for many clients and are experts in the field. If you have already filed an application, and are concerned that it was done incorrectly, J. Eric Price is capable of fixing the problem and protecting you from deportation.

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