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  • How Do Criminal Convictions Affect Immigration Cases? - Having a criminal background involving particular crimes makes a person ineligible for a green card or a visa even if they otherwise would have been eligible to receive one.  A criminal conviction can lead to a denied citizenship or permanent resident application. A criminal conviction could also lead to deportation, detention, or being barred from… Learn More
  • What is an Affidavit of Support? - When sponsoring a family member or spouse for a US green card, the petitioner has to meet certain income requirements in order for the US government to be sure that the beneficiary of the petition will not need public assistance once they immigrate to the United States, and if so, that the sponsor will be… Learn More
  • What is a Sanctuary City? - A sanctuary city or state is a jurisdiction wherein by law, state funds are reserved for state affairs and not used to enforce federal immigration laws. The power to regulate immigration is reserved to the federal government, as such sanctuary laws specify how state institutions, like the police force and the courts will act when… Learn More

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