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Immigration Court

What Does an Immigration Court Lawyer Do?

An immigration court lawyer is essential to protect you from deportation. If the government has placed you into immigration court, it is because they are trying to deport you from the US. The government lawyers are highly skilled and are trained specifically for this task. A good immigration court attorney is the difference between living in the US or being deported.

Why Hire an Attorney for an Immigration Court Hearing?

Immigration court cases are extremely complicated. Navigating through the rules and procedures requires an expert in immigration litigation. If you want to understand what happens in immigration court, schedule a consultation with an attorney who has experience attending an immigration court hearing. If you are already scheduled for an individual hearing at an immigration court, you have no time to lose - speak with an attorney immediately.

Why Choose Us?

J. Eric Price is a former government lawyer who has fought immigration cases on both sides. He represented immigration authorities in thousands of cases and has now done the same for individuals fighting deportation. He knows the strategies and tactics used by the government, and can use that knowledge to protect you from deportation.

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