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J. Eric Price began his career as an immigration court lawyer working as an ICE prosecutor under President Bush and President Obama. As a former ICE prosecutor, Eric gained the knowledge necessary to become one of the best immigration attorneys in Southern California, and developed his skills as a trial attorney. During his time as an ICE prosecutor, he developed great relationships with his mentors that provided him guidance on how to become a good immigration attorney in the private bar.

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Becoming a permanent resident requires either an adjustment of status lawyer or a consular processing attorney who can properly evaluate your specific case. The firm specializes in obtaining permanent residency through family-based petitions inside and out of the United States. The most common form of obtaining residency is through petitions filed by a spouse, child, parent or sibling. Many people qualify for residency without leaving the United States, however, it is important that a qualified immigration attorney review your specific case.

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Becoming a United States citizen is the ultimate goal of anyone wishing to fully immigrate to the United States. The team of attorneys prepares each client thoroughly throughout the process and prior to interviewing with an officer. A citizenship lawyer is crucial to a successful naturalization application.

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Consular Processing

If your spouse, parent, 21-year old child, or sibling is a United States citizen (or permanent resident spouse or parent), they can petition for you to become a permanent resident. If you do not qualify to complete the process in the United States, you may be able to qualify by returning to your home country.

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Immigration Court

J. Eric Price has represented well over 1000 cases before the Executive Office of Immigration Review - also known as the immigration court. Eric represented the United States government as an ICE prosecutor and won many cases against expert immigration attorneys. When he resigned as an ICE prosecutor, he began representing immigrants, who wished to obtain lawful status in the United States. In the private sector, Eric has won hundreds of cases as an immigration court attorney. He also represents detained clients and has prevented many deportations. Due to his vast experience and knowledge as a former ICE prosecutor, he has used his trainings and skills to properly represent clients before immigration judges. Eric is also admitted into the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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The U-Visa is a form of temporary status for people who were victims of a crime in the United Status. The United States requires that the victim cooperate with law enforcement to properly investigate and prosecute the criminals who committed the crime. Eric and his team of U-visa lawyers work closely with their clients and the law enforcement agencies to get the U-Visa certifications approved. After the certifications are approved, the team sends the U-Visa application to the United States government. If granted, the client will obtain a temporary work permit and eventually obtain lawful permanent status.
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Why choose J. Eric Price?

J. Eric Price practices immigration law exclusively and is nationally known as a “green card lawyer.” With his experience as an ICE prosecutor, he was able to develop a unique perspective on how to properly assess immigration cases and to be a good immigration lawyer. He has the ability to understand a case from both the prosecution and defense perspectives. His ability to strategize each case has immensely benefited his clients resulting in winning hundreds of cases both in and out of court.

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