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Eric Price’s entourage consists of Good Immigration Lawyers, all of whom specialize in all matters of immigration. In most cases, a skilled Citizenship Lawyer can mean the difference between your application succeeding and not. We recommend that you don’t attempt the process on your own. Our high success rates indicate how many families we’ve reunited. Let us do the same for yours!

Why Choose Eric Price?

A Good Immigration Attorney such as Eric Price can smooth your path to citizenship. We focus on taking the fastest towards legal permanency. That’s because we don’t want our clients to wait to begin a prosperous life in the US. Moreover, our service rates are negotiable, even as we raise the client satisfaction bar through our hard work.

Our Process

You may understandably be worried if you are unfamiliar with how an immigration firm functions. We outline our process for you below so that you’ll be sure of your case’s progress:

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We’ve provided our clients with various ways to get in touch with us. In most cases, timing is crucial. Therefore, you can schedule a session with us through our site and on Facebook. Once that’s done, you will meet with a skilled and experienced immigration attorney. We believe in providing answers to our clients and, best of all, we do it for free!

Receive Your Plan of Action

Once the questions are out of the way, our capable lawyers go into the details of a plan of action customized to what you’re going through. With our office meeting some of the goals of that plan, you will observe an improvement in your immigration status in the United States.

Hire Us as Your Team

The members of our legal team will then discuss if you’re satisfied that our team is the right choice for you. Then we proceed with further discussion about services and the cost. The consultation isn’t to make you feel obligated to hire our firm. The intricacies of our plan of action will be sufficient to convince you how seriously we take each case. Our representative then negotiates a reasonable payment plan with you. Learn more about the team.

Reach for Your Dream

The moment you hire us, our firm goes to bat for you. Our offices are accessible to you in case of any questions. In the background, our talented team will keep working on your case.

Want to know more what a capable Green Card Lawyer can do for your situation?

All Practice Areas

Our aim is to decrypt the process of immigration and all its subtypes for our clients. Therefore, below, we mention our practice areas in detail:

Permanent Residency

As a lifelong goal, becoming a permanent resident of the US, is a worthy aim. You can work and improve your life with a green card. However, in many cases, a client may not be eligible. Spending hard-earned money and time waiting for different results is a waste. Many law firms don’t apprise their clients of this reality. If you know about us, you’d know that we don’t function that way.

Likewise, for our clients who are eligible for permanent residency, our team will utilize multiple strategies. This not only will speed up the process but also increases the client’s chances of success.

Status Adjustment

An Adjustment of Status Lawyer allows a non-immigrant to legally become a lawful permanent US resident. A relative who is also a US citizen applies on their behalf to get the ball rolling. Now, the process involves the submission of various documents, meeting certain eligibility requirements, and doing well at an interview at USCIS. 

Even in a situation where other lawyers might just give up and tell a client, they’re ineligible for status adjustment, we don’t give up! Our goal is to find you a way, and we usually do so. We offer this service at many of our locations.


In cases where a non-citizen faces mental or physical abuse while in the US, it can create eligibility for a U-visa. An experienced U Visa Lawyer is well aware that the government also extends this offer to the victim’s immediate family members. One condition that must be met is that the victim in question has helped law officials catch the perpetrator. Proving it is equally important.

Moreover, good lawyers also know the complexity of the application process. Our legal team is knowledgeable and experienced enough to realize these facts. Likewise, some crimes may qualify an individual for a U-visa while others won’t. Being cognizant of all these essential details can make a case – or break it. Contact the firm for details on which crimes qualify you for a U-visa.


A Consular Processing Attorney is familiar with the process that allows people not born in the US to become American citizens. They can guide you in the completion of the multiple steps that ensure you fulfill all requirements. However, before anything, they will evaluate your eligibility. Often, an incident in the client’s past is the reason for their ineligibility. We realize that the whole process is time consuming. Therefore, we make sure our clients aren’t wasting their time!  

Additionally, the strict procedural rules require thorough sifting to meet them. For instance, you must prepare for an interview, submit various documentation, etc. Failure to do so may result in your deportation! Our legal team ensures that your application process moves smoothly.

Immigration Court

A highly skilled Immigration Court Lawyer will make it difficult for government lawyers to deport you. When you end up in immigration court, it usually means you’re about to be sent back to your country of origin. An immigration attorney qualified in deportation defense representing your own interests is essential to win your case. Our lawyers have won our clients’ cases in various locations, including Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, and Houston. Contact Eric Price to hire one.

Consular Processing

Consular processing allows individuals to become US residents after having entered the country illegally. It begins with returning to their country to attend an interview at the US Consulate. Overall, the procedure can last for three months to two years. However, a skilled attorney will know that their client needs only in their home country for 1-3 weeks. Moreover, they can review consular processing eligibility or indicate which waivers or pardons a client might need. Furthermore, attempting the process without an attorney specializing in it may mean a client risks spending ten years or more in their country!


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is not a path to lawful permanent residence. However, it offers protection to undocumented immigrants who have been in the US since they were younger. They won’t get deported, can work, and even get a social security number due to DACA.

However, clients opting for DACA must have certain documents, proving they meet all its requirements. They would need to submit various forms and present themselves for biometric service. Our legal team is well-versed with all the steps in DACA.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Attorney Eric Price worked on my husband’s deportation case and won it!!! Now he has his work permit and awaiting his residency!!! I’ve recommended quite a few new dreamers. I can proudly say we are #TeamEricPrice

-Soledad G.

what people are saying

Abogado Eric Price helped my mother & I with our process to apply for the U-VISA.  They have great service.  They treat you like famiy and are poite and helpful with your process.

-M & E

what people are saying


Eric Price’s office was  beyond my family’s and my expectations. My family & I can’t thank the firm enough for all that they have done for us which is why I recommend the office to anyone in need of expert immigration services.

-C. Hererra
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