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The Orange County branch office was founded in 2014 to offer immigration services in the Orange County area for anyone looking for an immigration attorney in Orange County, CA.

 J.  Eric Price's team of attorneys became the top immigration lawyers in Orange County by providing excellent results for their clients. As a former ICE Prosecutor in Los Angeles, CA he was able to provide a different perspective and plan of action when advising his clients on how to best resolve their immigration issues. His knowledge and refined skills as an immigration attorney has proven to be distinctive compared to other immigration lawyers in Orange County.

How We Can Help You

J.  Eric Price and his team of attorneys offer two distinct categories of immigration relief. The first is family-based petitions that lead to obtaining your residency. The second is removal defense that involves the attorneys defending the case in front of an immigration judge. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Santa Ana to help you obtain your residency, then you are in the right place.

Why Choose Us?

J.  Eric Price worked as former ICE prosecutor for many years. He later became a private bar attorney to help the undocumented, immigrant community. Soon after, he became one of the Top 10 immigration attorneys in Southern California, and has been recognized nation-wide for his outstanding achievements.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We came to process the residency through my daughter’s petition. Having residency, it’s the best feeling in the world. We can now visit our native country without fear. When we met J.  Eric Price, we felt he was the right person. He is honest and never left you alone. I recommend Attorney J.  Eric Price. – Natividad y Noe Vazquez
Now that I have my residency I can help my family.  Attorney J.  Eric Price’s team service is excellent. I recommend him to everyone. – Mirna Mejia
I told my case to nearly every attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County. They all said they couldn't help me and I felt really sad. In the end, I found attorney J.  Eric Price. My case lasted about three months. I'm very happy with them. – Brenda Castillo

Our Santa Ana Office

The Santa Ana office is located across the Main Place Mall off of the 5 freeway. Having a local, but nationally known, immigration attorney in Orange County offers a convenience rarely seen in smaller immigration firms. Our Santa Ana immigration attorneys are perfectly located to attend interviews and visit detained immigrants in Orange County.

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