Foreign students who want to study here can obtain a US Student Visa. Once they do, they are eligible to attend most US universities and colleges, non-academic institutions, and research programs. If you have been planning to do this, we’d recommend applying for a student visa before your coursework will begin in the US. That’s because the process may take 3 to 5 months to complete.

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Student Visa Categories

Do you not know How to Apply For a Student Visa? Begin with finding out which types of student visas exist:

F-1 Visa

An F1 Visa is perfect for a student or researcher who wants to attend a US academic institution. You must be a full-time student with sufficient financial support, and remain enrolled to stay in the country. Unless training is part of your coursework, you cannot work for more than 20 hours per week. Even in that case, the employment must be on-campus and part-time.

J-1 Visa

This American Student Visa is for students who are a part of the work and study-based exchange visitor program, such as through medical or business training. Fluency in English language, medical insurance, financial support, and sponsorship from a government or a private-sector program are required. The students must return on visa expiration.

 M-1 Visa

To complete a course of study at vocational schools in the US, you’ll need an M-1 visa. The eligibility requirements are similar to that of the J-1 visa. However, your stay cannot extend for more than a year under this visa. You may not hold a job on this type of visa.

Student Visa Process

Wondering How to Get A Student Visa? Follow this stepwise guide:

Get accepted to a school in the U.S.

Apply to institutions that are part of the US Government’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Once you are accepted, you will be enrolled into the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). For F or M visas, you will need to complete an I-20 form while DS-2019 for a J visa.

Pay the SEVIS Fee

Your I-20 won’t be active in the SEVIS database until you pay this fee. Print out the proof of payment and bring it when you visit the US Embassy/Consulate along with the SEVIS ID number on your I-20. You won’t be able to complete your SEVIS Form I-901 without the latter.

Complete the Online Visa Application

You’ll need these documents and information to complete the Visa Application Form DS-160 online.

  • Digital Photograph
  • When you traveled to the US, if you did
  • Where to intend to stay and contact info of your relatives in the US
  • Passport details
  • Family Information
  • SEVIS ID and educational institution details

Sign the completed application electronically, print out the confirmation page you will get, and keep it safe. On that page are your ID and a 10-digit-long barcode number. They are important Student Visa Requirements.

Pay the Application Fee

Whether you do this electronically or deposit cash in the designated bank branches, just make sure you pay the proper amount in a timely manner. But after the deposit, you’ll only have a year to make an appointment for your visa interview. Bring the payment receipt to your interview as proof.

Schedule Your Visa Interview

For students who want to prep well for the interview, apply for your interview date as soon as you can. Moreover, if there are any delays at the embassy, you won’t miss out on your coursework as school begins in the US.

Attend Your Visa Interview

Missing an interview is one of the many reasons you may be denied a student visa. Therefore, show up and be on time.

Pay the Issuance Fee and Receive Your Visa

The consulate will notify you how and when you’ll get your passport – along with your student visa. Normally, it happens via courier after 3-4 business days.

Things You’ll Need for the Visa Interview

Arrange your documents in this way for easy access:

  • Cover letter that explains why you should get a visa
  • Form I-20 from the educational institution you will attend
  • Acceptance letter from the same
  • Academic certificate copies, such as high school, secondary school diploma, TOEFL results
  • In case of a financial award, scholarship, loan, the award from the educational institute you chose or if your parents will sponsor you, a letter from your parents’ employers confirming their posts and salaries
  • Bank statements going back to the past six months
  • Evidence of owned property in your country
  • Proof that you are leaving family behind in your country because you plan to go back
  • Proof of other times you returned to your homeland from other countries
  • Your employer’s letter stating that you have a job waiting for you (optional)
  • Letters from prominent government officials further strengthening your case that you will return
  • Passport

Student Visa Interview Tips

We’d advise that you pay special attention to your outfit. It is best to go to the interview dressed neatly and professionally. Your attorney will help you formulate answers to expected questions. If you don’t have one, remember you’ll need to be clear about your educational goals, your choice of major, the reason to choose it, how it matters to a future career in your home country. You may also be asked about your graduate school plans and where, why, and how you learned English.

What if Your Visa Application Gets Denied?

There is a chance of this happening — even if rarely. It is also true that USCIS does not issue refunds. Therefore, don’t leave your selection to chance and get a capable attorney to guide you. Because once your request is rejected, you must reapply. Thus, you’ll have to go through all the steps once more for another shot at your student visa. Several reasons that can result in rejection include applying for a visa too late, failing the security check, or not showing up you’re your interview, etc.

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