Immigration Appeals Involving the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

If you have received a decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals that you disagree with, you may appeal it in a federal court of appeals. For those in California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska or Oregon, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has...

How Do Criminal Convictions Affect Immigration Cases?

Having a criminal background involving particular crimes makes a person ineligible for a green card or a visa even if they otherwise would have been eligible to receive one.  A criminal conviction can lead to a denied citizenship or permanent resident application. A...

What is Form 212(h)?

Form 212(h) is used for those people who are otherwise classified as inadmissible due to criminal convictions. Inadmissibility means that the person is physically in the U.S. but hasn’t been admitted under any formal status. This waiver, when approved, allows them to...

Victory for our client Maria!

Victory for our client Maria!

Attorneys Eric Price and Michelle Montes win a residency for our client Maria. Go to our Youtube channel to watch more!

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