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Consular Processing

What is Consular Processing?

Many of our clients come to us looking for information on consular processing, and we enjoy taking time to educate our clients on the details of their case. Consular processing is a way for individuals who did not enter the US legally to become lawful permanent residents of the United States. This requires that our client attends an interview at the US Consulate in their home country. The consular processing timeline is anywhere between three months to two years, however, you may only need to be in your home country for about one to three weeks.

Consular Processing Steps

To safely complete the steps involved, individuals need to hire a consular processing attorney. The attorney will make certain that each step of the process is successfully completed, thus minimizing any risk along the way. In order to become a resident through this process, you will need to have a family petition approved by either your parents, spouse, children, or sibling. Next you will need to attend a brief consular processing interview at the consulate in your home country, i.e., Ciudad de Juarez in Mexico. You will then be granted a visa to enter the US, where the government will mail your green card.

Consular Processing Requirements

You are not eligible to consular process if you have ever claimed to be a US citizen, committed a specific serious criminal offense, or re-entered the United States after previously being deported. It's very important to have a consular processing lawyer review your specific eligibility before departing to the consulate in your home country. However, in some circumstances, a pardon may be available to you to overcome an eligibility issue.

Why Hire an Attorney for Consular Processing?

An attorney will be able to review your eligibility to consular process and any waivers or pardons that may be required to complete the process. Additionally, an attorney can prepare you for the consular processing interview questions. Attempting the consular process without an attorney can cause you to be stuck in your home country for ten years or more.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing a consular processing lawyer in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego, consider the experience of the lawyer or firm you are hiring. J. Eric Price and his team of attorneys have successfully consular processed many clients and are experts in the field. If you have already filed an application, and are concerned that it was done incorrectly, J. Eric Price is capable of fixing the problem and protecting you from a lengthy ban in your home country.

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